About Us

A 2 time National Tourism Award winning Destination Management Company based in Delhi, Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. takes pride in its impeccable service now happily serving our clients for last 29 years. At Indian Holiday, we believe in presenting India in a unique way before everyone. Our aim is to understand the need of our clients and provide them with the best quality services.

Ayurved Sutra(an initiative of OCS Foundation) and Indian Holiday Pvt Ltd have come together to share the traditional Indian wisdom of holistic healing and wellness with the world. Ayurved Sutra Magazine, a panacea of better life, approaches the seeker with the spirit of a dynamic bridge that draws on the collective wisdom of a set of humans who have been at the top of their respective fields and have been known for their integral approach for professional excellence. As these individuals enjoy living in peace with themselves they strive to bring this bliss closer to you too. Ayurved Sutra draws its inspiration from the eternal peace and timeless wisdom of the Himalaya and is dedicated to bring peace within and without.

Through this association, Indian Holiday Pvt. Ltd. aims to reach out to all international tourists who are looking at an enriching holiday through retreats and workshops for groups and special customized packages for long term stays for individuals/couples.

Our Offerings:

Mind: Meditation retreats, Chakra Meditation, Art of Manifestation, Power of now, Money workshop, Healing through visualization

Body: Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, Panchkarma, Reiki, Acupressure, Karuna Reiki

Soul: connecting with soul, knowing self; Karma Yoga - Experiential stays as cultural exchange (farming/ teaching), reclaiming inner child, chakra awakening; past life therapies; family constellation, radiant relationships; Key to life - Breath; Tarot and many more

We will arrange various workshops of different duration at select retreats and locations which will be conducted by expert panel of trainers and healers to offer holistic treatments to individual guests as well as groups.

With this foray into holistic healing, we look forward to serve our esteemed guests with the best holistic healing therapies, meditation & workshops to achieve the same level of excellence and human touch.

We look forward to serve our esteemed guests with the best holistic healing therapies and meditation and achieve the same level of excellence and human touch that we have done in last 29 years as one of the leading DMCs in India.