5 Myths about Yoga You Always Believed

Yoga has become an important part of the people living in Western countries and it truly is for all. Though the number of people adapting Yoga in their lives is huge but there still are people who do not wish to adopt for one reason or the other.


The fact of the matter is that there are number of misconceptions and pre-conceived notions about Yoga. The blog enlists 5 such myths about yoga that you always believed were true:

It is not actually a kind of exercise

There are people who do have an interest in Yoga but think it is just stretching and nothing else much and they want to get into proper fitness routine. This is a pure misconception. It is true that some types of hatha are quite gentle and are restorative but there certainly are such yoga postures and practices that are pretty challenging.

One doesn’t need to handle weight here but the real weight that you need to handle is your own body weight. Doing a headstand is not a piece of cake. One needs to use his core muscles so that he can hold the weight of his body in a controlled action and stand on his head. Stay upside down and take 10 yoga breaths.

After Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) and around 6 vinyasas, the tough Yoga postures start that would leave you breathless. During yoga sessions, one is also taught breathing technique so that no discomfort is felt during making several poses of yoga. It is true that Yoga is a cardiovascular workout.

It is only for people who have a flexible body

This is perhaps one of the most prevalent myths about ago. It has been heard ‘n’ number of times that people feel their body is too stiff and so yoga is not for them. You may enter a yoga center and your eyes might fall on a young lady would a backbend or Wheel pose but do not get scared as yoga is for all ages who have different flexibility levels. Once you start doing yoga, your body slowly and automatically become flexible. After a few years of practicing Yoga, the alignment and focus in one’s body gets improved. Your instructor will tell you to keep your focus on the posture and alignment where currently your body is. If your pose and alignment are correct, the benefits would be amazing. There is no need for you to have a flexible body to do Yoga as it makes your body flexible.

It is for young and thin people

It is generally seen that people go after things that look pretty to their eyes and a female is most of the time a part of such visual treat. Probably yoga is not an exceptional case. Beautiful women with perfect body adorn the cover pages of yoga magazines and similar kind of photographs are shared on social networking sites. This is not a scene of daily routine in a yoga center.

Yoga is practiced by both men and women of all age groups, be it a 20-something young girls or a 65- year -old grandfather, who have varied fitness and ability levels as per their body types.

It is for spiritual individuals

It is not necessary that in order to understand yoga and avail its benefits, you need to be a spiritual person who reads religious texts. Although it is true that Yoga practicing leads to keenness about meditation, energy, chakras etc but it is no prerequisite for yoga. It largely depends on your on the instructor of your yoga class also. While some of the yoga teachers, infuse yoga and thought-proving spiritual ideals, there are others too who infuse yoga and joke sessions. The idea at both the place is to offer mental calmness.

It is not really necessary that practicing yoga and going by spiritual thoughts go hand in hand. A connection with spirituality is purely an individual’s concern.

It is practiced only by females

Although it is practiced more by females in Western world especially USA, this again is one of the common myths about yoga. Although the number of females might be more than males but their number too is quite huge. If you search the internet you will come to know that some of the most popular yoga gurus are male. Yoga is a mix of flexibility and strength. Though the body of a female is more flexible, the body of a male is stronger. The strength in a man’s upper body is more, they can balance their arms easily that might be slightly difficult for a woman. Yoga finds its roots in ancient India and in those days Yoga masters were men.

In a nutshell it can be said that Yoga is all-whether you are a teenager or a grandmother. Take it up as a spiritual journey, a restorative practice, a fitness routine- go for it the way you like it. It is a thing to enjoy and not feel stressed or go by misconceptions.

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