6 Yoga Poses for the day (Infographics)

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Yoga, which used to be the order of the day in the ancient times, has now grown into a trend to obtain physical  fitness and mental peace. This highly effective process to create a better understanding of body, spirit and soul is not limited to studios where yoga experts instruct you . Instead, one can practice some poses at home, which are simple and are suitable as per the daily activities.

These simple yoga poses take only a fraction of your busy time and in return will give you a relaxed and stress free state of mind and body.

Mentioned  below are 6 yoga poses that can be practiced by anyone, beginner  or a regular practitioner.


six yoga poses

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When you wake up: Cat-Cow Pose

First and the foremost thing that must be done as one wakes up in the morning is stretching. After a good sleep of 7-8 hours, the body tends to get caught in a relaxed or in an inactive state. In order to kick-start the day, stretching proves really effective. It removes off the stiffness in the muscles, improves blood circulation  and helps us regain our physical state of mind.

We often notice cats and dogs stretching as they wake up, and they certainly do that very efficiently. Yoga has also adopted these forms or asanas to for a good stretch. Adopted from animals, it is known as ‘Cat-Cow Pose’. In this pose, the person has to start with both of his palms touching the floor and the mid section of the body i.e the belly needs to be lowered down and then inhalation of breath needs to be done. While inhaling,  the back portion of the body which is facing the ceiling needs to be tilted vertically up. In this way, a shape of inverted ‘U’ will be made, and hence a proper stretch to the spine and back will be achieved.

Mid-Morning: Bridge Pose

This is the second type of stretching pose which can be done before lunch. It is known to be soothing to the brain and nervous system, which further improves blood circulation in the body. Named as Bridge pose, it requires the person to recline on his back with the knees bent and feet set apart. The tail bone needs to be lifted up with the arms stretched. Put effort on both the feet and push your lower body towards the ceiling.

After this, try to squeeze in the shoulders and push the upper body i.e. the chest area to the ceiling. Post that, lift the head away from the chest so that a slight curve can be made. With the help of bridge pose, chest and shoulder muscles also get stretched properly along with the spine.

After Lunch: Squat Pose

As the day progresses, working of the body changes. Squat pose, which basically involves doing squats, is to be done after having lunch. Before getting on with his work, one must practice this simple stretching pose, which is highly effective in improving digestion. In this type of squat, lower back, hips and groin feel the stretch which in turn stimulates digestion post lunch.

To start off, one must first stand with the feet slightly wider than the hips and legs open. The toes also need to be turned in the direction of the feet, so that a proper stretch in the thighs can be felt. After this lower down the body and do a proper squat. While doing the squat, the feet and ankle need to be kept open, but the butt need not touch the floor.

If facing difficulty in making the squat, one must open his feet more so that it can be done properly. Post that, get into the position of prayer by bringing the palms together, closer to the chest. Moments later, press the elbow out, all the way into the knees and then repeating the process.

Late Afternoon: Down Dog

A very effective method to energize yourself. Much better than a fix of caffeine, this late afternoon stretch is really helpful in calming down the nervous system. In addition, continuous practice of this stretch lengthens the spine, releases stress and provides a better blood circulation to the body.

This type of stretching pose looks a lot like a downward facing dog. Thus, it starts with all the four (hands and feet) on the floor. Keep the hands forward and shoulders outside. However, the palms must be parallel to each other and point forward in a straight direction. In case of the lower body, the toes must be pointing slightly inside with knees little bent. Post that, press the inner edges of the palms and lift the hip area and then slowly move it back, so that a proper stretch can be felt in the lower back and spine.

In order to feel a good stretch on the upper back, one has to make the same transition, but this time, from the lower back to the back of  the head. With regular practice, modifications can be easily done in this process. Like one can use a desk or wall to place his hand, rather than the floor.

Evening: Easy Pose with a Twist

This type of stretching is suited to be practiced post dinner. Many people tend to lay on the bed or go to sleep. Instead of doing this, one must get on with some easy stretching poses, that not only helps in getting a peaceful sleep, but also stimulates digestion. It is also known to relieve lower back ache and anxiety.

Unlike the other stretching processes of the day, this one is very simple and easy on the body. It starts off by sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position. Then, the arms will go overhead, accompanied by a deep inhale and lengthening of the spine. On exhaling out, the right hand will go down to the floor behind. Then, bring the left hand to the right knee and make a twist of the waist to the right hand side.

Hold the twist for sometime and take deep rounds of breath, in and out. After that, turn to the left side and repeat the same procedure. While breathing during the twisted position, the spine must be kept straight and lifted. Quite easy and simple, the stretch will surely help in releasing stress.

 Before bed: Child’s Pose

Yoga experts believe that this particular type of stretching is the most relaxing of all. It can be practiced anywhere-on the floor, table or on bed. To start with the stretch, one has to open his knees wide and sit on the heels. After doing this, the chest has to be brought down near the knee and to the floor. Post this, bring the forehead to the floor.

This stretching pose is completely meant to provide relaxation. Thus, one has to rest his forehead on the floor without putting any extra effort in the stretch. The arms can be stretched forward on the floor, or simply put back near the thighs. Named as Child’s Pose, the stretch provides relief from lower back ache, shoulders and spine.

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