Are you doing Deep Meditation?

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There is nothing new if there is something written like- in today’s time the mental pressure is so much that people want few moments away from their scheduled life and they get habitual of meditation. With growing work pressure doctors and other professionals generally recommend meditation. It won’t be false, if we say; meditation actually works towards decreasing your mental stress and maintaining life balance. Though, there are cases when people think they are into meditation since long and experiencing peace, but in real there life is same as before and they continue living on to their false belief.

People are well-familiar with the word meditation-It is a practice that keeps your mind and body calm for few minutes or hours depending how long individual does it. It is majorly promoted to relax and rejuvenate. But do you exactly know the expansion of this term- Meditation? Meditation includes various procedures that might lead to relaxation, generate internal energy and create love, hatred and compassion.



Extreme of anything is not good. One should be aware of the track that mediation is taking them to.  Everybody understands what mediation is, but what is “deep meditation”, do you know? Are you aware that what path deep meditation can direct you to?

Like when you sleep, deep in meditation you forget what all things are happening in your surroundings. You do not remain the same person as you were. Therefore, it would be better to know something completely, before it leaves an impact on you that might be positive or negative. So here are the five telltale sign that ‘you actually went into deep meditation’.

  • Deep in thoughts? Yes it is deep mediation-

Being deep in thought leads to deep mediation. Lost in thought has nothing to do with ‘meditation’. When you are taken away by your thoughts, how can you expect to be at the same place or same peace of mind? That means you have attained a level of deep meditation while lost in your own thoughts.

This is a very simple and easy phenomenon that can be understood by anyone. If you are doing meditation, then you need to surrender yourself to it.  But do not give away yourself that much that you can’t even be aware of surroundings. Lost in thought is one of the main signs indicating deep mediation.

  • Less breathing

Soft breathing is also point that can be noticed during deep mediation. You breathe as if you are not breathing. You can link this sign with both lost in thoughts and elapse of time when you are unable to feel the surrounding and lost in another world.

Have you ever noticed when you go for a walk or jogging and your breathing rate is comparatively higher then when you sit and read a book. This is because walking or jogging necessitates energy, but reading a book does not. In fact, when you sleep, the breathing rate becomes fairly less. Similarly, when you meditate deeply, you get to witness that level of relaxation that you do not even realize that you are breathing less, compared as before. And at last you take a deep breath, after which everything again gets back to regular.

  • When you feel stress-free-

One can say it is one among most essential and supportive features of deep meditation. When you start mediating and after some time you body starts bending a little and your chin moves a bit forward, then you are in an absolute relaxing state of position and mind. From inside you might feel that you are still on same straight position, but you are not. You are so lost in deep meditation that you cannot even guess your body position. Also, if someone sees you they might think that you are sleeping.

Later, when you open your eyes you feel much relaxed and restored with energy. It is considered good experience in deep mediation.

  • Is the time passing or not?

Another important indication to deep mediation is passing of time. Like if you are mediating for more than half an hour and you feel that it is only few minutes passed then it is the self-realization that makes you think and count time shortly.

You can say this symptom is little bit connected to lost in thought. When an individual is unable to feel the exact time elapsed.

  • When you forget what you are doing, while mediating-

If you are meditating and your mind thinks you are meditating, then actually you are not. It is noticed that people tend to forget that that they are meditating which is a major symptomatic of the term deep meditation.

In simple words, if you are thinking of the same thing that is not happening, it won’t happen until you divert your mind to other things. Similar is the case with sleep and meditation, when you think of it won’t happen, but when you surrender yourself to it, it will happen automatically.

If you don’t tend to feel such changes during deep mediation, do not panic, there is nothing wrong happening with you. May be there are different symptoms seen in you during that period. Regularity is the foremost point that majorly differentiates the experiences people have. Changes do not happen in few days or week, but like for long period of time.

Do not practice meditation in a haphazard way, do it simple, enjoy and notice the change.

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