13 Surprising Benefits of Exercise

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One generally joins a gym to lose some weight, to maintain a good physique so that one can remain healthy but apart from just these benefits that are clearly visible, there are a number of hidden benefits too. From past few years, scientists have contemplated about the fact that exercising also helps in the functioning of the brain.

The blog enlists 13 surprising benefits of exercise.

Browse through the list and get inspired to lead a happy and healthy life:

benefits of exercise

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1. Improves self-confidence

Getting onto a treadmill for a brisk walk or jogging is the basic thing that you can do to make yourself a visual delight. A high fitness level surely boosts your self-esteem levels and creates a better self-image, irrespective of your age, size or weight.

2. Diminishes stress

Stress is one of the basic causes for all mental and physical troubles. If you had a difficult day at office, just hit the gym or enjoy a leisure walk at the nearest park. Exercising and sweating bring down stress levels. During exercising, the releasing of an important chemical norepinephrine increases and the response of the brain to stress gets moderated.

3. Enjoy outdoor workouts

Working outdoors is a good idea to alleviate self-love and self-esteem. Opt for an outdoor activity that is of your interest, whether it is hiking, jogging, rock-climbing or canoeing. Get out in the sun, soak-in the Vitamin D from the sunlight and your depression systems would go kaput. Get sunshine and fresh air.

4. Motivate others

Exercising in company is all the more inspiring, be it a session at the gym, a soccer session or a simple jogging session at the park. If studies are to be believed people have performed better in their aerobics test when they were working out with a friend. The reason can be anything- motivation or feeling of performing better. Inspire each other.

5. Avert cognitive decline

One’s brain becomes a little slow as the age increases in numbers. Aging brings along degenerative diseases such as forgetfulness and Alzheimer’s, brining a decline in the important functions of the brain. Exercising between the age group of 25 to 45 years is extremely important to avoid cognitive decline of the brain. A good workout session supports the generation of good chemicals, thus preventing deterioration of the hippocampus, that part of the brain that assists in learning.

6. Increases good chemicals

It is true that exercise requires hard work but it is worth because of its results. Studies have shown that exercise helps in the release of endorphins, chemical that create happy feelings, bringing down issues like clinical depression also. Doctors advised that people with problems like anxiety and depression have experienced improvement and even stopped popping-in antidepressant pills.

7. Lowers anxiety level

If I say that 20 minute of jogging is a better stress buster than taking a warm bubble bath, would you be surprised? Well, it is true. The chemicals that are released at the time of exercising and after it help one in attaining mental peace. A session of jogging or aerobics can not only burn calories but can bring down anxiety levels.

8. Improves memory

When once exercises regularly, there is production of hippocampus cells that help in learning and memory, thus, there is boost in the ability to learn and memorize. High physical fitness level means development of brain in children and memory boost in adults. It has also been proved that running helps in retention of vocabulary.

9. Improves brainpower

Several studies have proved that neurogenesis or new brain cells are created during cardiovascular exercise and improving the performance of the brain, helping in learning, thinking and performing better.

10. Assistance in controlling addiction           

Some people get addicted to various forms of pleasure like drugs, sec, alcohol etc; exercise surely helps a person in getting rid of such addictions. Exercise sessions lower down any kind of craving, thus lowering any kind of abuse. Sweat out the entire problem, reboot your body clock and get going.

11. Increases productivity

Sitting all day at one place in your cubicle is pretty tiring for the body and the mind. The answer to this is a little exercise or a short walk. Research has proved employees who are into a regular exercising and more productive in comparison to those who are into exercising.

12. Touch your creative side

Most of the people opt for a hot shower bath but you would be surprised to know that touching your creative side would be even better. An amazing session in the gym, pumps your creativity for about two hours after the session.

13. Boosts relaxation

Exercise helps you in relaxing. Go for a long walk or hit the gum for a hard session and then come back to your bed, you are going to have sound sleep. A good workout is equal to popping-in a sleeping pill.

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