Best Yoga Ashrams in India

Yoga and Meditation, the two basic mantras of holistic healing were born in India. Being in practice since the ancient times, it has successfully found a place in the modern world as a new trend of health and wellness. However, to gain the best from it, these practices require serene and calm natural surroundings.

Despite all the urban developments and expansions, India still has its mammoth share of natural beauty and tranquility intact, which is spread all across the country’s lengths and the breadths. To fill you up more on this, mentioned below is a list of some of the best Yoga ashrams in India, the addresses of which are simply no less blissful than that of a paradise.

Osho Meditation Resort, Pune


Rising to a new fame since the death of its creator, ‘Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh’, also known as Osho, this meditation resort in Pune is an interesting holistic blend of the ancient and the modern. The fascinating dilemma that prologues here is, in the name of meditation, it has all what it takes to practice like the great Buddha; the simplicity and clarity of nature to drown deep into your inner self, while at the same time, the property outshines like a best option to settle in to the realms of health and wellness.

The resort lives on the preaching of their founder and excel through his philanthropic ideologies and offers new possibilities of completeness through the simple and evolved processes of meditation (the Osho way). Modern day influences like sauna, spa and boutique houses come under its routine indulgences. Whatever way you look at it, the credulous ones (westerners) have already made this meditation resort in the suburbs of Pune their new luxurious sojourn. It’s your call now.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Meenakshi Ashram


Named after one of the most presiding deities of South India, Meenakshi, this ashram had its foundations laid by Swami Sivananda, in the Madurai city of As South India is highly credited for their authenticity and expertise in Yoga, it will not be hard to guess the grip of this ashram as well. Programs offered at this address work out a good deal to maintain balances in one’s body, mind and spirit.

They call it the ‘Yoga vacation’ as the courses offered here aim for ultimate relaxation and leisure of the life’s trio (body, mind and spirit), just like one expects on a blissful beach vacation. In this way, it also develops a strong inclination towards bringing this holistic healing into daily practice. Moreover, the natural vicinity of forests and mountains here prove better in cutting off with the urban schedule and rekindle with the ultimate joys of life.

 Ananda in the Himalayas, Narendranagar


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Roar of the sacred Ganga River piercing the hypnotizing ambience created by the surrounding Himalayan hills and Sal forests. Leaving all the materialism behind, you sit in this magical silence of nature. What more can you ask for from a Yoga ashram. That’s right! Ananda in the lap of the Himalayas, near the mystical cities of Haridwar and Rishikesh is the perfect answer for those who aspire to live life more close to nature.

Plus the amazing combination of Yoga, Meditation and Vedanta in the blissful surroundings of the Himalayas serve no less than the best rejuvenating experiences on this planet.

Isha Yoga Center, Tamil Nadu

Isha Yoga Center Tamil Nadu

Coyly nestled on the foothills of Velliangiri mountains inTamil,Nadu, Isha Yoga Center was actually built as a center for inner growth. Strictly confiding to the beliefs of four major paths of Yoga: Karma (action), Kriya (energy), Bhakti (Devotion) and Gnana (Knowledge), Isha Yoga center has become the focal point of attraction for thousands of holistic aspirants traveling to this side.

Best part about the yoga center is its address. It has its base right in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary and it’s a 150 acre of lush green land that is surrounded by mountain highs. You can also be a volunteer for various programs running at the facility.

SWAN Yoga Retreat


For those who like everything in their life revolving around yoga, I suggest SWAN Yoga Retreat to them. It is not actually a center, but a yogic village, the jungle surroundings of which are perfect for practicing meditation like it used to happen in ancient India. To your surprise, SWAN Yoga is not in the lush greens of the south but the beach destination of Goa.

A true escapade for urban dwellers, the place is a vacation in the rejuvenating form of nature. Here, Yogic Sadhanas and rituals are the routine happenings. Cuisines are prepared from organic produce, adhering to the recipes of Ayurveda. Apart from the ancient detoxifying therapies that you would be expecting at the center, modern spa facilities are also its highlights.

 Mahatma Yoga Ashram, Rishikesh


“I sat on the sand at the bank of river Ganga, felt the cool breeze softly touching my face, and when I stretched my body for yoga pose and looked towards the marvelous Himalayas, I realized this is my second home – I will be back again and may be live here forever…”-Anonymous.

Such is the aura of Rishikesh that every yogi-expert or beginner travels to this divine land in search of inner peace and growth. Amongst the gamut of centers that you can find on this land, Mahatma Yoga Ashram can be your best bet. The serene environs of the Ashram, blooming in the grace of the Himalayas is enticing enough to feel the spiritual connection with Mother Nature; resulting in inner peace and satisfaction. The Mahatma Yoga Ashram is suitable both for the regular and naïve practitioners. Regulars can enroll themselves in advanced Yoga courses and can also be a certified Yoga teacher on the completion of the same.

Rishikesh Yog Peeth

Rishikesh Yoga Peeth

One of the most beautiful places in India, Rishikesh is shaped with nature, tranquility and most importantly, spirituality. Beatles did not waste any minute to come down here when they heard of it and that too, in their heydays. Well, you need not to go the gypsy way because the city has state of the art well known centers, willing to cater every of your spiritual need. One of them is by the name, ‘Rishikesh Yog Peeth’, situated right on the banks of the holy Ganges.

The Yoga center is just the perfect sojourn for you to connect with the spirituality of life and nature. It has yoga retreats that adhere to stringent practices of asanas and meditation. In order to gain maximum progress in the practices, guests at the Yog Peeth are served special Satvik food, which is not only a healthy option for the body, but is also approved by the ancient science of Ayurveda. Apart from these holistic practices, one can actively indulge in the glamour of Rishikesh; rafting, trekking and religious sightseeing.

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram

Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Dhanwantari Ashram

This renowned yoga ashram is one of the major contributions of Swami Vishnudevananda in the field of Holistic healing. Situated at the foothills of Western Ghats in Kerala, quite near the beautiful Neyyar dam, the ashram is an ideal yoga as well as leisure vacation spot. Its blissful surroundings; cool green forests, coconut tree groves and flowery patches, feel highly perfect for indulging in the practices of yoga and meditation.

Ayurveda Yoga Meditation Resort, Coonoor


Certified as an Ayurveda and Yoga therapy institution, the resort is in the evergreen surroundings of Coonoor in Tamil Nadu. Like an Ayurvedic hospital, it specializes in total detoxification of the body, therefore complete rejuvenation of the body, mind and soul. The resort is run by a family, holding expertise in the ancient Ayurvedic and Yogic sciences, for three generations.

Sivananda Kutir, Himalayas

Another one in the Himalayas, but this one is a little higher. One of the best yoga ashrams in India, Sivananda Kutir is situated at the banks of the holy Ganges in the Uttarkashi region (Netala village) of India. Fascinated by the mystical charm of the Himalayas, various yogis and spiritual gurus made these high altitudes their home.

When the revered Swami Vishnudevananda arrived in the scene, the ashram which was already established, expanded significantly. In the present time, Sivananda Kutir is known for offering various Sadhana Intensive courses (hatha, bhakti, jnana, karma and sivananda) and Yoga teacher training courses.

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