Go the Ayurvedic way for better work-life balance

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Since ancient times, mankind has been making use of Ayurveda. Be it to cure any disease or to adopt as a lifestyle, he has not shun any of his beliefs of, you can call it a healing form of nature. Back that time it was not a trend, it was more of a principle that was needed to be followed strictly in one’s regime.

Ayurveda, in its most primitive state is a unique system that adhere to the laws of nature in a bid to maintain the equilibrium between the body, mind and soul. When these trinities of life are in sync and complete harmony with each other, one can call himself fit in every sense of the word.

Keeping this statement in mind, the modern souls of today who are continuously striving in the transgression of the workaholic society, must head towards a better alternative. In our so called fast pacing life, majority of the time and energy gets utilized in our daily routines (profession). The time that gets left is spent on relaxing or getting indulged in unhealthy living habits.


We are what we eat

The human body is made up of cells and these cells are made up of the food we eat, the fluids that we drink and the air that we breathe in. Any bad or toxic ingestion by the cells leads to changes in the body functioning. Hence, growth of physical ailments. Thus, it is very important to keep a check on what we eat and Ayurveda does follow it.

If we look in the pages of Vedas, the basic essentials of life revolves only and only around obtaining food. Thousands of years ago, when Ayurveda came in to the light, it condemned the dietary habits of a person as the root cause of its ailments.

In order to keep the body running nice and smooth for the whole day at work and at home, opt for fibre-rich diet. Oats, barley, whole wheat, corn and brown rice are the best source of easily available fiber items. Next best thing for the body is protein. As Ayurveda strictly restricts itself to nature, consumption of this essential component has to be fulfilled through natural sources. Grams, lentils and beans are the best source of proteins. Besides if you are fond of eggs, then you need to keep your craving of that yummy egg yolk at bay.

Consuming fruits and vegetables are good for health. That is a universal saying, but did you know that eating the whole fruit is healthier than sipping the juices of it? Yes, you heard it right. When we drink those big glasses of freshly squeezed juice, pertaining ourselves to the super healthy, we actually loose on some points. It’s the consumption of the fiber that our body fails to absorb while gulping those glasses of juice. Then you can opt for nuts; almonds and walnuts are the best choices one can have. Besides, in the chaos of the urban life, we tend to get stressed out often. This leads to generation of radicals in the body. To avoid such production, make an inclusion of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Citrus fruits, broccoli, sprout, pumpkin, carrots, apple and amla are the few selectives for it. One also need to limit his sugar intake in his daily routine. Natural fruity delights like raisins and dates are best to fill your sugar cravings.

We often tend to neglect the intake of water, or simply procrastinate to get up and get a glass of water during work hours. The human body is 70% water so it is very essential to fulfill the water requirement. A minimum of 6 to 10 glasses of water everyday would do the job.

Kick start the day fresh

The very common habit or I should say a wrong notion. To bring the senses back on the right track people often start their day with a cup of tea or coffee. In the terms of Ayurveda, it is a wrong beginning as it tends to make the body system acidic. This happens because during the early hours of the morning, the body is in a rush to absorb very fast in order to fill up the appetite. Thus, it is suggested that one must switch this habit to fresh vegetable juice or lime water (lukewarm) mixed with honey. And if you cannot avoid the taste of tea in the morning, have a cup of Jasmine tea.

Some exercise to get you going  

In order to keep the body running in a flexible way, one must stick to a regular exercise routine. It can be anything of your choice as per your body requirement. Stretching, long walking, brisk walking and jogging are the few alternatives which do not require any arrangement. Just an open natural area and good quality shoes and off you go.

Yoga and meditation are the best holistic practices which if practiced on a regular note can do wonders for the body, mind and soul. Get indulge in these practices in the fresh environs of the morning. If time permits, repeat the session in the evening as well.

At work

Working continuously for several hours can lead to fatigue. Thus, take a break after every hour to relax and stretch, even it is for 5 minutes. When having lunch, devote necessary time for it and avoid eating while engaged in any computer work.

Early dinner

The ayurvedic way of living also recommends having your dinner early. This habit of eating your food early in the evening benefits greatly in the long run. Helps in preventing the increase of body weight and induces sound sleep. To help you sleep better, one can also drink a glass of lukewarm milk before going to bed.

Time to time outing plans

Bring variety and spark to your monotonous life by planning frequent trips. If you work does not allow you long vacations, then simply go for short weekend trips. Outings or excursions bring no harm rather they rejuvenate a person’s mind and mood (reduces stress). Moreover weekend trips are the quick getaways for office goers. Besides outdoor activities like cycling or any sport prove greatly beneficial to loosen up the tension.

Sleep well

A good sleep is always a desired one. Besides, for the body to function normally, an undisturbed sleep of around 6 to 8 hours is very much required. Moreover, experts also have a view that all sorts of electronic gadgets are to be kept at bay while you sleep. If not sleepy, try reading a book or listen to soft music. These methods are known to induce sleep even to wide awake eyes.

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