Key to Happiness

Healing and we mean any kind of healing begins with being happy. As a saying go, smile is perhaps the only curve that could straighten a lots of things. So this small but mighty A to Z list also begins with a smile.

Stay healthy and keep smiling:

Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Always smile. Believe in miracles. Cuddle your inner child. Do a good deed. Express gratitude. Forgive. Grow spiritually. Heal. Inspire confidence. Jump for joy. Keep strong. Love yourself. Multiply abundance. Nurture. Open your heart. Pamper your body. Quiet your mind. Respect boundaries. Stop and smell the roses. Touch others. Understand. Voice your needs. Widen your horizons. eXude goodness. Yearn for love. Zigzag through life with zeal.

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