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Meditation is indeed a necessity for a blissful existence, as it lets you attain peace, gain control of your thoughts and eradicate negativity. This could be a bit difficult initially to learn the art of meditation, but you gain mastery with time. Gradually you will realize you are turning into a new person, a better and calmer human. If you are still unsure of your abilities to meditate, let us introduce you to various ways to meditate with a fun twist and most importantly these are equally effective. So now take a deep breath and embark on a journey to find a new you and trust us you would never have thought it was so easy to learn how to meditate.



Mindfulness Meditation

As the name suggests this meditation requires a still mind without any thoughts. In short there shouldn’t be distracted with any thoughts while you are living at the moment. There are no particular steps for this meditation as there are different techniques to achieve mindfulness. You can also try this by adapting it in everything you do (Mindfulness Meditation in daily routine). If you find it hard to take out time for meditation you can do it with your routine. This requires the person to stay wholly at the given moment; his thoughts shall not go roaming.

The techniques are listed below:

  1. Sound: done by focusing on the sounds of the environment you are in.
  2. Thoughts: done by tackling unwanted thoughts and making them pass by. If you are going to judge the thoughts this could be difficult, you only need to do this calmly.
  3. Sensation: done by paying attention to the sensations felt in your body. Make sure that you are not being judgmental.
  4. Taste: Like the Chocolate Meditation the person focuses on the taste and observing how it dribbles down the throat.

Chocolate Meditation (Taste Meditation)

This undoubtedly would be the most fun way to learn how to meditate. The difficulty level of this meditation is easy and takes about 5 to 15 minutes, but brings out same benefits as other forms of meditation. Not just for beginners, Chocolate Meditation is equally engaging for experts too. Let us now learn the steps to do Chocolate meditation.

For this, you would need a piece of dark chocolate with huge amount of cocoa content. Other alternatives are semi-sweet chips, chocolate kiss etc. It would be better if it is large piece of chocolate.

  1. Just relax and take a deep breath.
  2. Take a small bite and let is melt in your mouth on its own. Just observe the taste, enjoy it and totally engage yourself in this act. While doing this keep taking deep breaths.
  3. Notice it going down your throat when you swallow.
  4. When you take the second bite, notice how it slightly melts between your fingers, eat and repeat the process.
  5. If other thoughts distract you from this, let them pass by and relax. Focus again on the taste. This type of meditation can be done anytime and as many times as you want.

Bath Meditation (Touch Meditation)

This too is ideal even for beginners and takes about 15 minutes or less. This provides equal benefits as normal benefits along with relaxing your muscles and bathing benefits.

  1. Make sure that while you are indulging in bathing meditation there is absolutely nothing distractive around, not even anybody knocking the door.
  2. It is always ideal to use aromatherapy bath products as they are nothing lesser than a catalyst to flush stress.
  3. When you get inside the tub with slightly warm water, take deeper breaths, allowing your belly to rise and fall synchronizing the breath.
  4. Feel the warmth of the water, pressure and all the sensations.
  5. Try to let all other thoughts pass by without judging them and totally indulge.

Mantra Meditation

This is a common form of meditation that not only lets you meditate but makes you soul-conscious. The most common mantra for meditation is ‘Om’, and according to legends this word has the ability to cleanse body, mind and soul because of its vibrations. But you can always try any other mantra if you want. Time required for the same can vary as per your engagement which normally varies between 5 and 30 minutes. For this meditation, follow the steps:

  1. Make sure there is nothing around to distract you when you meditate.
  2. Close your eyes and chant the mantra you chose.
  3. Continue

Walking Meditation

This burns your calories along with providing the benefits of meditation. The pace of your walking can be as you want it to be, and it would be better if walking is accompanied with soothing music or mantra. You need at least ten minutes of indulgence to make it work.

  1. Wear comfortable clothes and footwear and cut off from interruptions like in other forms of meditation.
  2. Start walking and feel every sensation you feel as you walk
  3. Make distracting thoughts go away.


For those who find it difficult to dig out time from their preoccupied routine, they have two meditation options to adopt- one is Mindfulness Meditation with Daily Routine and the other is Mini-Meditations. We have learned about Mindfulness Meditation with Daily Routine above and as the name suggests, Mini Meditation doesn’t require more than five minutes of your time.

  1. Set timer for five minutes on your Smartphone. It would be ideal if you could turn off network questions or put it on silent mode.
  2. Close your eyes and relax. Take few deep breaths and observe how air fills inside your body. You can also chant mantras. If you are having problems switch to meditation music.
  3. Continue and stop after five minutes or so. Try to make it as lengthy as possible.

Breathing Meditation

This is a popular form of meditation because it requires focus on a natural element, breath. Another benefit is that breath is rhythmic thus this helps a lot in concentration. For this, you need to focus on the procedure of inhaling, air going inside the diaphragm, air going outside the diaphragm and exhaling. It is always important to be free from possible interruptions and be in a comfortable position and clothing.

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