What is a Mantra?

Mantra is a word or phrase holding immense significance that is repeated over and over again, loud or internally. Mantra is a sound or vibration that makes one enter into a deep state of meditation.

More than thousands of years ago, 'Om' was identified as the most powerful sound in the world. The sound is believed to represent universal consciousness. The mantra is chanted all across the world in order to expand the awareness of the divine.

With years of experience and research, it has been found that the chanting of mantras helps in transforming one's mind and soul.

It is believed that every single element of the world has different levels of vibrations and energy. Every corner where there is a vibration, there is a sound. This makes us understand that the entire existence is an amalgam of different sounds. This further means that the existence is a mix of different mantras.

Some mantras and sounds have been found unique in the entire series and are believed to be helpful in opening up the way of thinking of an individual and channelizing it to a positive direction. Chanting of these mantras is considered beneficial in changing one's way of life. The mantras work like a medicine for the soul and enhance with much positivity.

Benefits of Mantra Chanting/ Meditation

There are a number of benefits of mantra meditation. The first and foremost thing that is achieved through chanting of mantras is a greater level concentration. This further helps in making an individual feel connected to the entire universe.

  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression
  • During mantra meditation, our breath, sound and rhythm combine and this combination makes energy flow through the body. This energy flow further balances our emotions, nervous system, regulates stress and tension, controls hormone production and improves overall well-being. This eventually decreases depression and anxiety in an individual.

  • Soothes the body
  • Chanting of Mantras takes us to a complete new world. It takes one beyond its present state of mind in a space where everything is in peace. It releases us from the sounds of the present world and makes us reach a spiritual space which is far away from the material world. Ultimately, this helps in soothing the body.

  • Removes negativity
  • Mantra meditation makes us get rid of all the negativity in our body. It helps us in clearing the mind and removing the negative thoughts and harmful external forces from the body. With regular mantra meditation, on e becomes more compassionate and true love for other builds up in the heart of the person. Chanting of Mantras also helps in removing all kinds of egos.

  • Heals the body
  • A number of Mantras are believed to have healing properties. When an individual connects to the mantra, the energy level of the body rises and this helps in healing the affected or diseased areas of the body. The mind and body get connected during this meditation and this further replaces the painful sensations in the body with positivity.