How YOGA is an integral science?

A Way of Life- Yoga

Originating from Sanskrit world 'Yuj', Yoga is a unification of one's soul or consciousness with the Spirit or Universal Consciousness. Around 5000 years old, Yoga is an Indian science of body. There is a misconception related to Yoga that it is a form of physical exercise that is related to twisting, turning, stretching and breathing in complicated ways, but in reality this is just one external aspect of this thoughtful science that deals with revealing the unlimited potentials of the soul and mind of humans.

The art of Yoga completely absorbs the real meaning of the Way of Life that consists of the pathway of devotional pleasure or Bhakti Yoga and philosophy and Gyan Yoga, the pathway of mind control or Raja Yoga and the pathway of blissful actions or Karma Yoga. Raja Yoga is further segregated into 8 parts including unification and balance of several approaches, combing Yoga Asana.

Art of Living

Yoga is an Art of Living that deals with following a holistic way of life incorporating mind, body and soul. It imbibes a sequence of simple but useful postures of yoga and breathing techniques putting an emphasis on experience of meditation, happiness of the mind and the other secret components of existence of human beings. When one's mind, body and soul are in complete harmony, his journey of life becomes more satisfying, peaceful and happier.


During the programs of Art of Living, the techniques and understanding of Yoga are told in a enjoyable, unadulterated and systematic way. These programs cater of brining balance by helping in strengthening one's body, calming one's mind, proving self-confidence and regaining focus. Art of Living programs is an inclusive package for beginners, normal practitioners and for people of all age groups.

By practicing Art of Living Yoga on a regular basis, a person can bring significant changes in his lifestyle. There have been proven health benefits such as respite from chronic illness and better changes in behavior. Partakers have stated that they are living a healthy and happier life with fewer worries, more happiness and an increase in tolerance level. This yoga is the reason behind happier and healthy lifestyle.

Yoga is for all

One of the best things about physically practicing yoga is that he poses and postures can be done by all, be it any age or physical state. With growing age, the understanding of asana also grows. The journey starts from working on outside balancing of the pose and move forward to improving the inner actions and lastly, being your complete self.

We probably have been doing Yoga from a very young age but have not been aware of it. Be it a cat stretch that toughens the spine or it is wind-relieving posture that helps in digestion, yoga has been a part of our live, always. We strive towards making Yoga- A way of your life and help you in discovering yourself.

Ayurveda: Centuries-old Science of Life

Centuries-old Ayurveda is the most influential mind and body health system in the world. Not just a way of treating health problem, Ayurveda is the complete science of life that provides a body full of wisdom that offers a happy and healthy life so that one can realize his full potential. Ayurveda works on the in-built values of nature, brining balance between nature, soul and mind and maintaining a healthy body. By imbibing Ayurveda one can also bring improvement in yoga practices. In this section, we provide a list of Ayurvedic tips for a healthy life.

Pranayama (Breathing Techniques) and Dhyaan (Meditation)

The art of Pranayama means the extension and control of an individual's breath. By practicing this art, one can help in bringing more oxygen to the brain and blood, finally leading a healthy life and energy. With this technique, other asanas are also practiced. The combination of Pranayam and other asanas bring complete self-discipline and refinement of one's mind and body. It also helps in meditation.